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106 Excuses – Admit It, You’ve Used Some of These

Blast through 106 ExcusesI know. I know. Dragons don’t make excuses. Dragons are doers. Dragons welcome challenge and make things happen.

But even the most driven, the most passionate, the most ambitious of us have doubts every once in a while.  Somewhere along the line you fall victim to some false belief you may not even be fully aware you have since they often try to disguise themselves and “good reasons.”

I recently came across this list of 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great by Chris Brogan.

I have to admit, I’ve thought most of them at one point or another. I’m sure you’ve heard most of them before. The thing I like about this list, is it includes a little kick in the butt right after each excuse, some advice to help you blast away your excuses and get moving toward your big goals!

If you’ve been a tiny bit less than “dragon” in some area of your life recently and you’re looking for a kick in the pants to destroy your excuses and get on track, read this article now.  Enjoy!

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